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Hot Springs and Raksawarin Public Park
Hot Springs and Raksawarin Public Park


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Operating time: 10.30 - 19.30

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RaksawarinHotspring& Garden is located on Highway 4005 from Ranong city centre, merely 2 kilometers east from the city hall.

The Raksawarin is a natural hot spring with an average temperature of 65 °C. It has been officially certified by the Department of Science Services to be permeated with important nutrients and free from sulfur. The certification indicates that the water in this hot spring is drinkable, and is also beneficial to the body in terms of natural treatment. The site comprises of 3 springs including the BorPor (Father Spring), Bor Mae (Mother Spring) and Bor Look Sao (Daughter Spring).

BorPor is built with cement with a diameter of 2.80 meters and is elevated 0.80 meters from grounds level. The water in this spring is crystal clear with occasion carbon dioxide bubbles emitted. The water is scentless and is free from sulfur. It is always over flowing to the edge of the cement walls, which has caused the building up of calcite in the edges.

Bor Mae is smaller in size compared to BorPor but has more frequent emission of carbon dioxide bubbles. It is also scentless and free from sulfur. There is a slight coating of the alteration mineral on the surface of the cement structure.

Bor Look Sao is also a cement structure with a diameter of 2 metres and 0.90 metres elevation from ground level. Its general characteristics are identical to the first two springs, having neither scent nor sulfur. But the specialty to Bor Look Sao is that it is packed with carbon dioxide bubbles. 

The surrounding area of the hot springs is designed as a public park called Raksawarin, which means “the curer”. The name was given by His Majesty the King’s Mother during her visit in 1967. Today, the hot spring is one of the most well known attractions of Ranong as it is fairly close to the city center. The park provides visitors with creative photo corners, delectable restaurants as well as mouthwatering coffee shops. As of the hot spring zone, visitors can decide between the free and paid zone.

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