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Huai Luek Royal Project    The Huay Luek Royal Project is situated in Ping Khong subdistrict, Chiang Dao district, Chiang Mai province. To get there from downtown Chiang Mai, drive along Highway No.107 (Chiang Mai-Fang route) and make a right turn at KM 95. Then keep going for 500 meters, you will find the Huay Luek Royal Project Development Center. The whole distance should take about one and a half hour.    The general topography features the alternation of hills and plains, and is framed by steep mountains. It stands between 500 – 900 meters above mean sea level. The elevation of its uplands is approximately 600 meters. The area is regarded as part of Huay Luek basin, a sub-basin of Mae Ping River. The average temperature is 20.11 – 28.21 °C throughout the year. The majority of the population is Hmong and Lahu tribal people, respectively.  The total population is 3,145 people.    The main roles of the Huay Luek Royal Project Development Center are to allocate farming areas for the locals, and to support research works on plant breeding. The products cover vegetables – salad greens and cantaloupe; flowering plants – Chrysanthemum and peacock flower; fruits – passion fruit, pomegranate and guava. The centre serves as a demonstrative development model based on the philosophy of promoting knowledge and agricultural technology to improve the livelihood of hill tribe farmers.     Currently, the Huay Luek Royal Project Development Center is in charge of 3 villages, namely Ban Huay Luek, Ban Mai Samakkhi and Ban Nong Tao. In 2010, there were as many as 361 families receiving development aids and occupational supports, particularly on these 6 agricultural products, namely vegetables, herbs, flowering plants, fruit trees, and field crops. Farmers are encouraged to supply their harvested products to the Royal Project Foundation. Not only that it became an interesting tourist attraction, but the Foundation also runs its own retail shop selling fresh farm products at reasonable prices. The best time to visit is from November to March, as farming products are abundant and thus costs less. For further information, please call 0 5345 1116 ext. Huay Luek Center. 

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