Pattaya Bungy Jump & Human Slingshot
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Overview Pattaya Bungy Jump and The Human Slingshot (Thepprasit Road, Soi 9) is a must see tourist attraction in Pattaya Thailand. We are the original Bungy Jump in Pattaya since 1989 set in a park with Go-carts, Paint Ball, Off Road Buggies and ATVs. Feel the amazing rush by bungee jumping off a 60 metre high platform over a lake! Or being launched on the Human Slingshot over 90 metres, reaching a breath catching 150kph in just a second. We are proud to be the only licenced Bungy Jump and to conform with the highest international safety standards as set out by SANZ (Standards Association of New Zealand) and BERSA (British Elastic Rope Sports Association). About Us Bungy Jumping is steeped in tradition and dates back to an ancient ritual that is performed in the village of Bunlap on Vannatu Island. The “Gkol” that is performed is a rite of passage for the tribesman and entails them Bungy Jumping using Banyan tree vines attached to their ankles. Inspired by this, the first modern era Bungy Jump was conducted by Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club on the 1st April 1979 at Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England. Members of the club jumped using shock cord instead of banyan tree vines whilst wearing top hat and tails. You can watch a video of this very first jump here. The enormous publicity form the stunt led to the club performing a second jump from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco then a jump from the Royal George Suspension Bridge in Colorado. All went quiet until the video was seen by New Zealander AJ Hackett who in June 1987 very publicly performed a Bungy Jump from the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. The key difference was AJ Hackett saw the opportunity to commercialise Bungy Jumping into an extreme sport by using rubber instead of shock cord and in November 1988 the Kawarau Bridge 43m Bungy Jump opened. During the first year AJ Hackett had just 28 customers. This didn’t stop us seeing the potential here in Thailand and within the year the Pattaya Bungy Jump opened with a jump 17m higher than the Kawarau Bridge Jump at 60m. The Pattaya Bungy Jump was not only the first in South East Asia but still remains the highest Bungy Jump in Thailand today. Since 1989 the Bungy Jumping craze has exploded and there are now many thousands of Bungy Jumps worldwide all started from the humble beginnings in New Zealand and Thailand. Safety Above everything else safety is our number one priority and this means safety for our jumpers, customers watching and our staff. Guidelines for safe Bungy Jumping operations are published by the Standards Association of New Zealand (SANZ) and also by the British Elastic Rope Sports Association (BERSA). There are certain minimum criteria that are set out to make Bungy Jumping as safe as possible. These standards cover everything from the design of the jumping platform to the operational guidelines and staff training. At Pattaya Bungy Jump we have incorporated these standards into our safety procedures. The first commercial Bungy Jump opened its doors in New Zealand in 1988 and within a year Pattaya Bungy Jump was born, the first Bungy Jump in South East Asia. Since that time our Jump Masters, Jump Controllers and crew have jumped over 80,000 people and our 3 Jump Masters have a combined Bungy Jump experience of over 40 years. This is the reason we are proud to be Thailand’s number one for Bungy Jumping. You Are In Safe Hands   Here are 6 reasons you know you are in safe hands: 1. We follow BERSA and SANZ safety guidelines 2. We have more experience jumping than almost any other Bungy operation worldwide 3. Every member of staff attends annual first aid training 4. We perform exhaustive daily and weekly checks to keep you and our staff safe 5. Everything is double checked 6. We are the only Bungy Jump in Thailand that requires double harnessing (Full Body & Leg Restraints)   If you have any questions or concerns about safety just drop us an email and we will gladly let you know about our procedures, processes, how the ropes are made and how we keep everything in tip top condition. Remember, Pattaya Bungy Jump is fully licensed and insured. We are not just the highest Bungy Jump in Thailand but the number one in Thailand.   The Human Slingshot You are pulled back horizontally 40 meters to the starting location, then with a force of up to 4G, you will accelerate to 150kph in under a second. Enjoy as you fly back and forth only a few meters above the ground. As with all of our activities, we provide full transport to and from your hotel, full insurance and the promise of a huge smile. We have English, Canadian and Thai staff who will explain to you the safe procedure for jumping and will be able to answer any questions that you might have. 3 – 2 – 1 Lets Fly When your group is ready, our staff will take you back to your hotel.

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