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S.B. Furniture is a furniture brand that is trusted worldwide for its quality, durability, and beauty which well reflects its consumers? taste. The brand has many categories of product to offer; bedroom, kid?s bedroom, dining room, living room, etc; with the target level at B- to C+.
Zelection Built-In is the first Italian-styled built-in furniture line in Thailand with the production technology equivalent to the European standard, focusing on A+ and premium targets.
Cucine Kitchen is a line of Italian-styled built-in kitchen that reflects the taste of elegance lovers.
Access is a line of office furniture that is luxurious with its outstanding design and ready to answer for all office needs.
Koncept Furniture is a line of simple-designed furniture for younger generations with a limited budget or of the C- to C levels. This is to offer an alternative for wise-spending customers who look for an export quality at the same level as S.B. Furniture?s.
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