The concept of TourismThailand.org is to provide potential visitors to Thailand with information about Thailand, including access to providers of tourism related products, services, events, and news.

Consequently, any organization or individual that provides such products, information, travel deals, events, services or other tourism related news, etc. can be featured on TourismThailand.org free of charge.


The information we collect from you when you register with TourismThailand.org will be used in the following ways:

  • To provide customized pages of content for each business/service provider in order to showcase the products/services that are offered by that provider.
  • To gather administrative contact details for each business/service provider in order to send inquiries from potential customers and to establish a line of communication between TourismThailand.org and those businesses/service providers.

We guarantee that we will not sell, rent, or disclose any information provided for a listing on TourismThailand.org without prior permission from the business/service provider.


In order to be listed onTourismThailand.org, the business/service provider must be legitimately engaged in providing products, services, or information pertaining to tourism in Thailand.

Any business/service provider that wishes to be featured on TourismThailand.org must provide an email address or phone number that is available on a regular work schedule as we will forward customer inquiries to those businesses under the assumption that such inquiries will be responded to in a timely manner.

Furthermore, administrators of TourismThailand.org must be able to contact a representative of the business/service provider listing their product/service on the site through a regularly manned telephone (answerable at least during standard business hours M-F) and/or a regularly checked email (checked at least once per day).

All businesses/service providers must complete all mandatory fields, which will be checked by an administrator, in order to create a listing that will qualify for registration and posting on TourismThailand.org.


Before a listing is posted on TourismThailand.org our administrators will perform an approval/validation procedure for each business/service provider to ensure that all required information has been submitted, that the listing has been categorized appropriately, and that the business/service provider provides genuine Thailand tourism related products/services/information.

All new additions, amendments, or updates to information on TourismThailand.org are posted on the website at the sole discretion of TourismThailand.org.

TourismThailand.org is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by businesses/service providers who choose to list on TourismThailand.org. To that end, although the content must be approved for its relevance to tourism in Thailand, the content provided is taken on face value to be accurate and legal and therefore TourismThailand.org and its affiliates will not be responsible for any copyright violations committed by businesses/service providers listing on its website.

Entries listed on TourismThailand.org may be removed if:

  • A business/service provider is no longer providing the product/service as described in the existing entry and an administrator from TourismThailand.org is unable to contact the business/service provider via the contact email/phone number listed by the provider.
  • A business/service provider is the subject of numerous complaints regarding the quality of its products/services or for whatever reason the products/services are deemed to fall below the standards expected by TourismThailand.org, including but not limited to engaging in illegal activity, improper behavior, or unprofessional conduct.
  • The administrators of TourismThailand.org retain the right to remove any business/service provider listing if the listing fails to meet the high standards of TourismThailand.org and the expectations of visitors to Thailand, who we deem to expect such high standards.
5.1 Information shared with customers

Potential customers can see the contact information that a business/service provider submitted to TourismThailand.org which they may then use to contact that business directly. Customer inquiries sent directly to TourismThailand.org that are expressly intended to go to a business/service provider will be forwarded on to that business/service provider.

5.2 Communications between businesses and potential customers

All communications between businesses/service providers and customers should be made directly between the two parties. Even if a visitor contacts a business through one of our submission forms, the TAT will send an email to the customer confirming that the request was forwarded onto the business/service provider after which time, communications between customers and businesses/service providers are the responsibility of those parties.