Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center
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Operating time : 19.00 - 22.00

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Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center    Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center, located on Chiang Mai-Hang Dong Road, is the center of Lanna arts and culture. It is Thai traditional teak houses, with exquisitely etched doors and windows. Within the area, there are plenty of souvenir shops, hill tribe villages, and antique fabric museum “Saban Nga”, in which more than 60 photographs are kept to display the town generality, tradition and culture, costumes, and life styles of the north people 100 years ago. Moreover, the site exhibits more than 6000 archaic textiles, and the stories of each hill tribe as well. Tour guides will take visitors around, narrating about history and unique features of each hill tribe textiles.At night, dinner in Thai northern style “Kantok” is provided. Each of Kantok set consists of several Lanna local menus, such as Namprik Ong (Thai Northern Style Pork and Tomato Relish) served with pork cracklings, Namprik Noom (Green Pepper Chili Paste), Kaeng Hang Le (Hang Lay Curry), Mee Krob (Crispy noodles), and other 8 menus. Anyone prefers to dine on the floor can feel more at ease by laying their backs on northern triangle shaped pillows provided. Apart from dining, tourists can also enjoy a rare-to-find Lanna cultural performance, and hill tribe performances; Karieng, Mong(Maew), Akha, Musur, Yao, and Lisu as well. The show of each tribe is distinct. It welcomes visitors everyday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Anyone interested can contact 0 5327 4540, 0 5327 5097 for further information.As for those who yearn to taste Lanna Kantok and try seeing the show outside the center, you can visit Lanna Kantok-Petchngam Hotel Tel. 0 5327 0080-5, Maeping Kantok-Imperial Maeping Hotel Tel. 0 5327 3900, Khum Kaew Palace Tel. 0 5321 4315, Kantok Baan Roii Chan-Pang Suan Kaew Hotel Tel. 0 5322 4444, and Sipsong Panna Tel. 0 5381 0695. The service time and rate of all these restaurants are quite the same. 

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