Wat Phranang Sang Buddhistische Tempel, Historische Sehenswürdigkeiten & Monumente

06.00 - 17.00

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This historic temple involves a legend of Phra Nang Lewd Khao (“a lady with white blood”). The legend was told that there was a wife of a city’s ruler who was a devoted Buddhist. She was calumniated she had an affair with another guy. Before getting punished, she asked to travel to Lanka to pray towards the Buddha’s relics. On her way back she stopped at Thalang (Phuket’s former name) and built this temple. She later traveled back home and received a death sentence. But as she was innocent, it’s shown that her blood became white. The temple was later named Wat Phra Nang Sang (“A temple built by the lady”) and has later become a sacred temple among locals. Enshrined inside the old chapel are the world’s three oldest and largest Buddha statues made of tin, named The Three Kings

Opening hours: 06.00 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.



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